[Mono-devel-list] Mono always returns "Aborted"

Simon Ask Ulsnes simon at ulsnes.dk
Wed May 5 13:23:46 EDT 2004

I worked around it temporarily with a very naughty hack: Modified 
mini/driver.c to make the main loop always return 0. Not a solution, but 
a way for me to try out Mono Beta 1. ;-)


Simon Ask Ulsnes wrote:

> Hi there!
> Mono compiled with GCC 3.4 always returns Aborted, which makes it 
> impossible to compile apps written in C# because it interrupts the 
> make process. Note that compilation itself runs fine, it is only the 
> environment status return that is set to "Aborted".
> Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?
> Yours,
> Simon Ask Ulsnes
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