[Mono-devel-list] A little helping patch for monoresgen.cs

Eduard Ralph mono at eduard-ralph.de
Wed May 5 07:10:15 EDT 2004


trying to build the anoncvs of mcs, the monoresgen fails unless the 
System.Windows.Forms Library is installed. Unfortunately if that is not the 
case, it fails with "Cannot load support for ResX format: Object is null" (or 
quite similar - not terribly helpful message.
IMHO the Assembly Loader should throw an Excpetion if it can't find the 
Assembly but following the .NET Documentation it must return a Null. The 
patch checks for this situation and throws a more intelligible message.

Eduard Ralph

------------ monoresgen.cs diff ---------------

< 			resxr = swf.GetType ("System.Resources.ResXResourceReader");
< 			resxw = swf.GetType ("System.Resources.ResXResourceWriter");
> 			if (swf != null)
> 			{
> 				resxr = swf.GetType ("System.Resources.ResXResourceReader");
> 				resxw = swf.GetType ("System.Resources.ResXResourceWriter");
> 			}
> 			else
> 			{
> 				throw new Exception ("Cannot load support for ResX format: 
System.Windows.Forms Assembly not present");
> 			}

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