[Mono-devel-list] Beta1 preview (FreeBSD build problem)

Will McCutchen mccutchen at gmail.com
Tue May 4 16:11:29 EDT 2004


Thanks for all of your help, I know I must be annoying you.  I hope
you can stomach one more problem from me.

I got mono to make and install successfully, following your
suggestions.  I moved on to gtk-sharp, which stalled in the make
process when calling mcs.  Seeing this, I tried to run the tests for
mono, but to no avail:

[~/Downloads/mono-0.91/mono/tests] $ gmake test
mcs --unsafe -nowarn:0162 -target:library -o TestDriver.dll

And it just stalls.  mcs doesn't seem to do anything at all.

One thing that I have noticed is that mcs fails to give me my prompt
back after `mcs --version`.  It prints its version number and then
stops, without returning.

Any more suggestions?


On Tue, 04 May 2004 14:05:43 -0400, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> > > Can you give me the output of:
> > >
> > >         grep libc data/config
> >
> > [~/Downloads/mono-0.91] $ grep libc data/config
> >         <dllmap dll="cygwin1.dll" target="libc.so.6" />
> >         <dllmap dll="libc" target="libc.so.6" />
> Edit the file to read `libc.so.5'.
> Sadly, I can not think of a way of doing this portably right now.
> >
> >
> > -Will
> >

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