[Mono-devel-list] Re: GAC issues and third party libraries.

Mike Kestner mkestner at ximian.com
Mon May 3 15:59:39 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 13:36, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>    A few options:
> 	* Add a -package: command line option to mcs, so its possible
>   	  to do:
> 		mcs -package:gtk-sharp hello.cs

Is this really any more intuitive than mcs `pkg-config... ?  It still
seems like something that people would have to discover through
tutorials/documentation, which is how we could document the existing
pkg-config mechanism.

> 	* For gtk-sharp in particular (since its a big app of ours),
> 	  instead of installing it into the "gtk-sharp" child of
> 	  lib/mono (ie, lib/mono/gtk-sharp), install it on the
> 	  lib/mono/1.1, so we would get it by "default".

When we kick Gtk# 1.0 out the door, the plan is to immediately jump to
latest tarball release for the GNOME platform.  I'm unclear as to how
this looks from the perspective of this new plan.  Should I really be
installing to "/package gtk-sharp-1.0" so that I can start installing
the new devel version to "/package gtk-sharp-1.1"?   If this is the
case, then it would be a pain to have gtk-sharp in the 1.1 dir.  I know
the GAC assemblies will be versioned from the runtimes perspective, but
what about this "development" dir?  Should the symlinks actually be


Regardless of how this is answered, if I'm going to be releasing Gtk# on
a GNOME-based release schedule, that schedule will likely diverge
quickly from the mono schedule.  I agree that it would be really nice to
have users get Gtk# for free as far as build references go.  Maybe we
need a mechanism to "register" Gtk#'s location/assemblies with mcs?

Mike Kestner <mkestner at ximian.com>

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