[Mono-devel-list] What happened to MonoDevelop?

Marc D. Murray marcdm at phronein.com
Sat May 1 22:03:23 EDT 2004

I'm almost sure this is off-topic but I didn't know where else to send

Does anyone know what happened to Monodevelop.com? I've already
downloaded the sources but I'm having hell trying to install it as it
keeps complaining about my version of GTK+ (2.4 I think). 

I was just trying to find some instructions to look at again. I'm going
to check the Google cache and the wayBackMachine anyways, but I wanted
to know what happened to the monodevelop.com site. 

I'm anxious to start programming with mono and converting all my .NET
apps to mono. 

Help please. 


Marc D. Murray
Phronein Software

Fedora core 1. Custom kernel 2.6.5-i686 
Athlon 1800+ 768MB RAM
GCC 3.3.2 20031022
mono 0.31

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