[Mono-devel-list] Cryptography using Mono.Security assembly on .NET on Windows

Muath Al-Khalaf muath at elm.com.sa
Wed Mar 31 11:12:39 EST 2004

First of all thank you guys a lot. You have done an excellent job. I have 
seen mono in Novell brainshare and it was amazing.

Short story:
Is it possible to use Mono.Security assembly on .NET on windows for 
cryptography (in general) and does it offer a complete services (i.e. 
complete support for X.509 Certificates)? 
Where can I get it to install it on windows and How? 
Is there a documentation for it? 
Does it use the same cryptography architecture of .NET (i.e. only an 
implementation for this architecture)? 
Is it compatable with BouncyCastle on Java :-)? 

I am sorry if some questions are not reasonable but I am new to .NET (only 
one month) with a good Java background

Long Story :
I have a project which consists of: 
1- Clients develped by different companies, some using .NET and some using 
Java but all running on Windows Desktop :-(.
2- Number of webservices running on .NET on windows 2003 which are accesed 
by previous mentioned clients.
3- Clients upload data stored in XML files to webservices.

I was asked to develop two cryptographic libraries to:
1- Encrypt data (XML files) on clients machines before sending them.
2- and then decrypt this data after recieving them thorugh webservices.

The encryption will consists of two steps:
1- Create a security provider for the chosen - symmetric - algorithm and 
encrypt the XML data file.
2- Encrypt the session key using the public key of the server.

Now on Java I have BouncyCastle library which is a very good cryptography 
library and completely developped on Java (completly "managed" code). 
On the other hand on .NET I have only wrappers to access CryptoAPI (I 
think through COM objects). 
I have seen that mono has a completly managed code cryptography library 
packaged in Mono.Security assembly ?!!. 

The questions are: 
1- Can I use this library from .NET on windows? 
2- if yes then How can I get this assembly and its documentation? 
3- Does if follow the same architecture of .NET cryptography? 
4- Is it compatable with BouncyCastle especially with the key exchage. 
(i.e. if one client encrypts using BouncyCastle, the webservices could 
decrypt it using Mono library).

Thank you for your time. Regards

Muath A. Al-Khalaf,  GSEC
Information Security Engineer
ELM Information Security Co.
Email: muath at elm.com.sa
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