[Mono-devel-list] AsyncIO broken in mono 0.31 build for windows?

marijn ros marijn at mad.scientist.com
Fri Mar 26 17:56:06 EST 2004

Is it possible that AsyncIO on windows got broken between 0.30.2 and 0.31? I read that AsyncIO now could use Posix AIO, but could that break the windows build?

If I run a modified AsyncIO example from the microsoft Visual C# documentation on 0.31, it hangs (doesn't print anything for at least 60 seconds). On 0.30.2 it worked, and also on Debian testing build 0.29.99-2004xxxx (sorry, other computer, but probably irrelevant anyway).

The modifications I made to the example:
1. replace the call to the native function FlushBuffers(fs.Handle) with fs.Flush();
2. use one big lock instead of the two used in the example (example is racy).


BTW: 0.30.2 on windows takes about 15 seconds, as does 0.29.99 on Debian testing with a 2.4 kernel. On Debian testing with a 2.6 kernel it takes 20 seconds. My guess is the default anticipatory scheduler in 2.6 is causing overhead but no profit.
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