[Mono-devel-list] mod_mono HTTP 500: Type __ not found

Met met at uberstats.com
Mon Mar 22 20:34:04 EST 2004

I have created a tiny little web service which used to work.  Since then
I've certainly updated the code a lot but the structure is exactly the
same.  I have all of my dll's in a ./bin directory and a simple .asmx
file at the root level with nothing more than the following:

 <%@ WebService Language="c#" Class="Umbrella.Grr.Core.CoreLogic" %> 
That class is found within a .dll in the ./bin directory.  This I'm sure
of (I even created type reflection script to guarantee I'm not
completely crazy).  So any idea why it would tell me:

 HTTP 500. Type Umbrella.Grr.Core.CoreLogic not found.

Thanks in advance,

~ Matthew

P.S. I'm using the standard web.config from the xsp test directory.

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