[Mono-devel-list] Mono Build System

Met met at uberstats.com
Sat Mar 20 18:36:29 EST 2004

I've taken the build system from the mcs structure and modified it a
bit.  Its slightly more robust and has some added features like
documentation generation etc.  Without a doubt its not perfect and will
continue to need development.  But I'm working on it daily for a large
Senior design project, which greatly benefits from the build system. 

So first off, I wanted to say thanks for building the original.  And
secondly, I was wondering if anyone felt like there might be a need for
this back in the community.  It can build libraries/exe's and will soon
have a dependency and component level installation instruction set.  So
when done, it should be able to handle (almost) any Mono related project
despite its size or build complexity.

Let me know,

~ Matthew

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