[Mono-devel-list] Who is doing SPARC

Belbin, Peter PBelbin at McLeodUSA.com
Thu Mar 18 10:41:00 EST 2004

Any idea when the next packaged release will be due?

I've been trying the SPARC mint, and am hoping that the JIT will be able to
give better performance.....

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> In a private conversation early Feb., Miguel said to me:
> "There is no JIT for the SPARC yet.  Eventually we will have a simple
> to install Solaris package, but we cant really do this before the Mono
> 1.0 time frame."
> We (my office) have managed to get mono-mint running on a
> SPARC/Solaris 8, just as the go-mono homepage right-side column
> "Interpreter" entry.

CVS support a JIT engine, but you probably want to wait for an official

> However, WHO is doing the Sparc work?  For that matter, who ELSE is
> doing Sparc work?  How might I learn better where that branch of work
> stands, time tables, where I can get help, etc., etc.?

Zoltan Varga is doing it, the JIT became feature complete this week, but
as always, some work on polishing, tuning and fixes will be required.
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