[Mono-devel-list] RE: System.ServiceProcess

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 17 13:42:54 EST 2004

>From: "robertdunaway" <robertdunaway at usa.net>
>You certainly have a lot of work on your plate.


>I'm in the process of developing products which run as Windows Services.  I
>would like to port them to mono.  I noticed that the System.ServiceProcess
>namespace isn't yet developed but you are working on it.

I just started it a long time ago, because I was going to use it doing my 
msmq look-alike: MonoQLE.

>I was wondering how long you thought it would be before you started having
>alpha or beta versions of this and do you have any recommendations on how I
>can emulate this type of functionality, running on mono, in the mean time.

Alphas/Betas?: Just no idea, as the priority for this subproject is very low 
currently, and no other contributors showed up so far to help with this.

As for emulating this functionality...Well, there is mainly two parts to it:

1 - Services run in the background. Well in linux any Mono executable can 
just have a launching script with a line like "mono myservice.exe &" and 
voilá it is running in the background. Forking a copy in background as you 
code normally for daemons, is a lot harder and unadvised. So: just compile 
it into a normal exe.

2 - Services can be started/paused/resumed/stopped from outside. Well, you 
just have to implement the methods for that and expose them, probably via 
.NET remoting, or some Sockets programming. The linux way is to have those 
s/p/r/s as command-line parameters to the executable so that a second copy 
called from the console talks (you have to choose how) with the active one 
to deal with the action.

>Good luck and thank you very much.

Thank you for your interest in using Mono, and sorry if I can't help you 
more with this implementation, currently.

Best Regards,

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