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Fawad Halim fawad at fawad.net
Tue Mar 16 00:32:54 EST 2004

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~    I've set up a buildbot (http://buildbot.sourceforge.net/) setup on
my machine. Essentially, it's a scaled down tinderbox written in clean
python. Up till now, I've set up automated builds for mono, mcs, xsp,
gtk-sharp, and debugger. Right now, it wipes out the working
directory, CVS updates, and builds on demand. It is possible to define
as many worker machines as needed. The master server has the actual
definitions of what commands get run on what worker. The workers
execute them and report the status to the server. The master itself
has very neat reporting capabilities (see
http://twistedmatrix.com/buildbot/). Among other things, it is
controllable over http as well as an IRC bot. When running a task, it
is possible to see the commands executing in real time. It's overall
very neat for doing regression testings on different configurations.
The build tasks are written in python classes and its very easy to
create your own (did mine in an afternoon).

My question is: is there need for such a tool for mono apps? I know
that if we were to go for something like this, it'll help out in
ironing out small edge cases that would otherwise get missed out when
doing builds on nicely tuned boxes (for instance, I found that
debugger/frontends/scripting/Makefile.am assumes that mcs src is in
the same dir as debugger when looking for jay).

- -fawad
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