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Matt Ryan mryan at novell.com
Mon Mar 15 10:01:32 EST 2004


Anything like this that you (or anyone else on this list for that
matter) are seeking to publish, we would love to additionally host them
at the Mono community page on Novell Forge


>>> <ben at benjaminwootton.co.uk> 3/14/2004 8:08:29 AM >>>
I thought about contributing some Mono articles to some Windows based
sites such as CodeProject, CodeGuru and some of the C# websites out
there.  I 
think it would be cool if people were tempted to download Mono, try to
their applications, and either have lots of success, or submit lots of
reports :)  

I have quite a lot of text already written in a report I'm working on,
but I 
wondered if anyone wanted to help, offer ideas, or point me towards
stuff that 
they have already created that could be dropped in, or edited.  I have
up the following structure:

Part 1: Introduction to Mono
 - Introduction
 - Mono Community & Resources
 - Patents
 - Windows Installation
 - Usage 
   - Windows Forms Apps
   - GTK Sharp Apps
 - FAQ
Part 2: Mono source code
 - Introduction
 - Accessing 
 - Compilation
 - Filing Bugs
 - Contributing

Part 3: Building graphical applications in Mono
 - Introduction
 - Running Windows Forms on Linux
 - GTK-Sharp
   - Hello World
   - Glade

Part 4: Advanced
 - Introduction
 - Debugging
 - Profiler
 - Security

Part 5: The future
 - Introduction
 - Longhorn/Avalon
 - MonoDevelop

Or, some people may prefer to wait until 1.0 before creating this kind


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