[Mono-devel-list] deploying a mono app

Steven Githens swgithen at mtu.edu
Mon Mar 15 03:00:50 EST 2004


I'm porting a small program from Java to C#-GTK#.  It's used primarly by
students in various Biology classes to study with at home. 

I'm developing it in Linux but of course everyone will use it on
Windows. Could somebody point me to a resource or good example project
to learn to do the following:

Install a .NET runtime, GTK+ / GTK#, and my application in one fell
swoop that works nicely on Windows.

Right now I have them install the JRE, the Java Advanced Imaging
classes, and then a .BAT file to 'java' my program, which is often
cumbersome for students without any CS background.

Thanks for your time,

Steven Githens <swgithen at mtu.edu>

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