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ben at benjaminwootton.co.uk ben at benjaminwootton.co.uk
Sun Mar 14 14:10:01 EST 2004

Thanks for the comments, will hold off before publishing anything.

I've just been looking at the MonkeyGuide, and it seems to be trying to do 2
things.  Firstly, it introduces the platform, installation, IDE's etc. 
Secondly, it's a developers guide explaining specific technologies such as
remoting and streams.  

Both are useful, but I think that the first part should be seperated out, as
this is what a newbie or curious Windows developer would use to get started. 
Something similar to [1].

With regards to the second part, I'd personally like to see it seperated out
into distinct articles.  If you search for Remoting at MSDN, you get pages such
as [2] that aren't part of any 'manual'.  This could form a new 'technology
guide' section in MonoDoc, which could be linked to from the class libraries in
relevant places.  I think that this would also make it easier for developers in
specific areas (security, optimisation) to write docs without having to change,
care about, or fit in with the manual.

So, my proposed article is more similar to the first part of the MonkeyGuide. 
There's lots of good content in there, and if it's a potential replacement, then
would it be possible to steal the good parts?

Just my 2p.. (Or is that 2c for you guys?!)




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