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I don't doubt it.  In fact we use Nant at my company quite a bit.  The
biggest, #1 drawback in using Nant is that when development occurs from
VS.NET you are forced to maintain separate project files... OR you are
forced to use a task that tries to interpret your solution files.  The
single build format that MSBuild brings to the table is there will no longer
be a void between a VS.NET project file and a "build" file.


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Sorry, I accidentally pressed ctrl-enter ;-)

I was just going to say that in many cases the same NAnt buildfile can be
used in both environments without modifications. Things are getting better
every day as the NAnt team is working with the mono team to squish the bugs.

I really encourage everyone to try the latest nightly build of NAnt.


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> > Thanks for the note.  Having a single build format that could unify 
> > development on windows and linux w/ Mono would be great IMO.  I know
> > is communication between the MSBuild team and the Nant team, but I'm 
> > not sure how far they are going to go to make the two tools work 
> > with one another.  The most we could probably expect are 
> > complimentary tasks that invoke each other's tools.
> Please note that NAnt today is portable (modulo bugs) and works with 
> Linux/Mono and Windows/.NET 1.x. Recent fixes in the mono codebase 
> allowed nant to become self-hosting on Linux.
> Also note that as long as your buildfile doesn't use features that are 
> missing from mono

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