[Mono-devel-list] Why is latest Mono runtime slow on Windows?

Piers Haken piersh at friskit.com
Sat Mar 13 11:26:24 EST 2004

Your code doesn't do anything?

I'm surprised the MS JIT even generates this:

00000023  xor         eax,eax 
00000025  inc         eax  
00000026  inc         eax  
00000027  cmp         eax,989680h 
0000002c  jl          00000025 


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I have executed the following code in
the latest mono runtime  on Windows 2000 platform and also in MS.Net .
And I found that mono runtime is 10 times slower than MS.Net for executing
this code.

Do anybody has an idea as why mono runtime is very slow?.


using System;
namespace HelloWorld
	class Class1
		static void Main()
			long start;
			long end;
			long time;
			long a, b, c, d, e;
			double dStart, dStop;
			//Ticks in 100-nanosec intervals
			start = DateTime.Now.Ticks;
			for(int i=0;i<10000000;i++)
				a = i;
				b = a+1;
				c = a + b;
				if (a == (b-1)) d = c;
				e = b - a;
			end = DateTime.Now.Ticks;
			time =  end - start;
			Console.WriteLine("Time taken for execution = {0}
(in 100 nanosecs)", time);

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