[Mono-devel-list] JIT / Mini and AMD64

Willibald Krenn Willibald.Krenn at gmx.at
Fri Mar 12 11:24:10 EST 2004


It seems that the time is right to discuss JIT issues here on the list..

I just wanted to let everybody know that for my master thesis I'll do an 
AMD64 port of mini on SuSE 9.0 Amd64. Currently things are not 
completely set up, but for 99% I'll work till about Dec./Jan. 2004/2005 
more or less full time on that topic. Of course I'll try to introduce 
several optimizations (perhaps even profile driven things, but that's 
not fixed yet) besides the actual port...
Things I definitely will do are:
  - support the new 16 64-Bit GPRs
  - use all 16 128-Bit SSE/SSE2 regs for float (int?) calcs
  - add all the Pentium+ instructions (cmoves....)
  - do something useful with the MMX/3DNow regs
  - Any ideas/hints on this list?

Things I won't touch: GC, Runtime ...

BTW: No guarantees that my JIT-Port will run on IA-32e...

My work will be - of course - LGPLed, but out of Copyright reasons I 
won't check in my changes in the main mono repository. So if anyone is 
interested - just drop me a note.. (I'm also reading this list of 
course.)  If there is lots of interest I wouldn't mind setting up a sf 

BTW: Don't expect me to have something working before July - first I've 
to read all the papers, understand the Mini source, come up with ideas 
etc.. :-) (And besides all that there are still some exams waiting *g*)

 Willibald Krenn

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