[Mono-devel-list] RE: MSBuild

Aurelian POPA {windigita.com} aurelian.popa at winDigita.com
Fri Mar 12 03:34:03 EST 2004

I'm interested in this issue too...

>>  No one seems seems to be chiming in about MSBuild, so I'll make a few 
>> comments. I've been pretty unhappy with the various build tools out there

>> from the standpoint of compiling C# projects, so I looked at MSBuild a
>> days ago. It looks as good as anything else, and it would be nice to have
>> Free implementation of it.
>>In particular, it would be useful to write the tools with an
>>interface so that IDE's could use the facilities of the build system.

On Tuesday 09 March 2004 11:12 pm, Louis R. Marascio wrote:
>>> I noticed on the Mono website that an MSBuild implementation is listed
>>> no one is working on it.  Is this still the case?  This is an
>>> project in my eyes and I'd be willing to take a look at it.

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