[Mono-devel-list] Patch for System.Text.StringBuilder

Juraj Skripsky js at hotfeet.ch
Wed Mar 10 10:13:38 EST 2004


The method StringBuilder.Insert(int, char[]) is broken since 1/22! It
always inserts the string "System.Char[]".
The attached patch fixes this.

The MS implementation of StringBuilder(int index, string value, int
count) doesn't match the ECMA spec. It throws an exception for count < 1
instead of count < 0. Which behavior do we want to implement, the ECMA
one or the stricter one to be compatible with MS? 
- Juraj

Juraj Skripsky <juraj at hotfeet.ch>
HotFeet - developing the web
Technopark Zurich
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