[Mono-devel-list] Documentation: Status and Call fo Help.

Hector E. Gomez Morales hgomez_36 at flashmail.com
Tue Mar 9 02:00:23 EST 2004

Today I committed a patch to the Gtk# docs that update it to match the
CVS API. I think this is a good time for anyone that wants to join the
documentation effort to come forward and lend a hand, mainly because:

1)All the API is updated (and I am looking to make it stays that way),
so no risk of lose of effort.
2)Even when the Gtk and Gdk namespaces have a good percent of work done
there is huge work to do.
3)Apart from coding like mad there is no better way to learn and
understand an API than making Docs or code examples for the Docs.

My eternal gratitude to anyone stepping foward, tomorrow i will commit a
mini HOWTO for making docs.

Well my next target is to update all the Class Library Docs but before I
make this update I will like to know any suggestions or remark so I can
take them in to account. I plan to refine and make more doc tools (like
update.exe) to handle all this job a heavy usage of XML and possibly of
XPATH will be in order. So if you have a good tutorial (in special for
XPATH) or some app that could help this effort please send me an email.


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