[Mono-devel-list] mono style guidelines

Ben Maurer 05mauben at hawken.edu
Thu Mar 4 13:31:01 EST 2004

Well, there is a half-way one in #d. It does a little bit of formatting, but it does not implement policies like `braces on the next line for methods/ctors'

THis is actually something that IMHO should be in the gtksourceview level. THe code for formatting C/C# is almost exactly the same, and should be shared. Also, this would be interesting because you could have an OS wide setting for formatting -- if you open your code in GEdit, the behavior would be the same as MonoDevelop. THis was one of my initial reasons for supporting the use of SourceView.

-- Ben

>>> Radek Polak <psonek2 at seznam.cz> 03/04/04 13:16 PM >>>
i think one of Monodevelop features could be automatic code formating 
and even the visualy ugliest piece of code could be in 1 second nice. I 
am used to it from Java Builder - i write as i want and then autoformat 
makes code always nice. Cheers Radek

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