[Mono-devel-list] New mono/gtk-sharp RPM packages for Red Hat/Fedora

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Wed Mar 3 06:58:22 EST 2004


I have new mono and gtk-sharp packages available at:


They're compatible with the packages provided by Ximian. (Thanks Miguel 
and Duncan).

There are some things to discuss if we want to make these packages better 
next release.

  + What goes into mono and into mono-devel ? I'd like to have a slim 
    runtime package (mono) and a 'sdk' package (mono-devel) with the rest.
    So that most people don't need everything to run mono-apps.

  + The libraries in /etc/mono/config are now the .so files, I've made a 
    small perl script that converts them to the correct versioned library. 
    So that at least people don't need to install 200MB worth of -devel 
    packages and it still works on the system it was packaged for.

  + Mono/kernel integration. I know debian has a solution to this to 
    detect whether it is a mono-app or a windows executable. The RPM 
    packages could take advantage of that as well. (But how to package it?
    wine packages need to be adapted as well.)

  + The dependencies for the mono and gtk-sharp packages are non-existing.
    Based on the /etc/machine/config file we could get the right 
    dependencies, still I don't want the gtk-sharp dependencies in the 
    mono packages and there's no way currently to know who needs it.

    For this I would propose a /etc/mono/config.d/mono and 
    /etc/mono/config.d/gtk-sharp, so that each package can drop it's list 
    into that. But what to do with conflicting entries ? It probably needs 
    an extension so .rpmsave files are not taken into account etc...

Kind regards,
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