[Mono-devel-list] Application hangs at startup

Juraj Skripsky js at hotfeet.ch
Tue Mar 2 07:08:00 EST 2004

Hello Jörg,

What version of glibc do you have? Try updating to the latest version

I've had similar problems with mono on several machines which are all
running freshly installed RH9. Mono was hanging when starting XSP (even
segfaulting when using mint), on almost every second start. And when I
turned on tracing the problem disappeared. 

The same application ran perfectly on two other machines running Fedora
Core 1 and RH9 with XD-unstable and lots of updated packages. And
finally today everything worked, after installing the latest glibc-rpms
on the virgin RH9 box!
(I also installed the latest "glib2"-rpms from XD unstable, but those
probably don't matter.)

Hope this helps, good luck!

- Juraj

Juraj Skripsky <juraj at hotfeet.ch>
HotFeet - developing the web
Technopark Zurich

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 19:50, Jörg Rosenkranz wrote:
> Hello all,
> We are recognizing a problem with newer versions of Mono:
> Our application hangs at startup. This happens approximately at 
> every second call. Running with --trace solves this problem, so I
> was not able to isolate it yet :-(
> I tested several versions of Mono to see when this behaviour was
> introduced. The CVS version of February 12 runs fine, the version
> of February 16 shows this behaviour. I have attached the CVS log
> showing files changed between these versions.
> Are there any ideas what change can cause this behaviour or how
> to track this down?
> Any help is highly appreciated since this is a kind of show stopper 
> for us.
> Thanks,
> Joerg

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