[Mono-devel-list] Post 1.0 CVS rules.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Jun 30 11:25:25 EDT 2004


    We have branched the CVS modules `mono', `mcs' and `libgdiplus', the
tag to fetch these branches is: `mono-1-0', so you use the following
command to fetch the mono-1-0 branches:

	cvs co -r mono-1-0 mono 
	cvs co -r mono-1-0 mcs
	cvs co -r mono-1-0 libgdiplus

    I personally use a directory called `mono-1-0' to keep these
together and a separate directory keeps my HEAD development, and I
configure each one to different prefixes, so I can test and run code
with HEAD or mono-1-0.

* mono-1-0 policy

    This branch will only get bug fixes to critical and major errors.  
You must still get approval from the maintainer of the code to check-in
code into this branch.

    Before submitting a patch for this branch, you should run all
appropriate regression tests.   Upcoming mono-1.0.x versions will be
produced from this branch.

* mono HEAD policy

    HEAD should continue to build at all times: HEAD is not a dumping
ground for partial work: you still must ensure that the build is not
broken, and that no regressions are caused.  Unlike the main branch, you
do not need approval to minor changes, the same old rules apply.

    But for any large architectural change, you must check with the
maintainers and get approval for the patches.  For these large changes,
if you are touching someone else's code, you should contact the
maintainer of that code and get approval from them.

    You must assume that HEAD will be packaged and distributed at any
point, this will be the branch that we use for making the mono-1.1.x
releases that will lead to our stable mono-1.2.x release.

    So, the bottom line is: do not check-in known regressions that break
the build.  A lot of work is underway, and we must ensure the tree

* New road map

    We are currently working on an update to the road map that will
outline the features that we want to ship for the next release.  Stay


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