[Mono-devel-list] Problem while building mono

Raja R Harinath rharinath at novell.com
Mon Jun 28 08:32:04 EDT 2004


Sudha <ksathyasudha at novell.com> writes:

> I'm getting the following error while trying to build mono from the
> tarball:
> ..
> ..
> ..
> MONO_PATH=. /home/skumar/mono-conf/mono/dest/usr/bin/mono
> /../gacutil.exe /i ./Accessibility.dll /f /package 1.0 /gacdir
> /home/skumar/mono-conf/mono/dest/usr/lib /root
> /home/skumar/mono-conf/mono/dest/usr/lib
> ** (./../gacutil.exe:6870): CRITICAL **: file mono-hash.c: line 612
> (mono_g_hash_table_foreach): assertion `hash_table != NULL' failed
> Corlib not in sync with this runtime: expected corlib version 14, found
> 22.
> Download a newer corlib or a newer runtime at
> http://www.go-mono.com/daily.
> gmake[3]: *** [install-data-local] Error 1

This is because of the following fragment in

        @if test -n '$(gac_assemblies)'; then \
          for i in ''$(gac_assemblies); do \
            echo "MONO_PATH=$(srcdir) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/mono $(gacutil) /i $(srcdir)/$$i /f /package 1.0 /gacdir $(GAC_DIR) /root $(GAC_DIR)" ; \
            MONO_PATH=$(srcdir) \
              $(LIBTOOL) --mode=execute $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/mono $(gacutil) /i $(srcdir)/$$i /f /package 1.0 /gacdir $(GAC_DIR) /root $(GAC_DIR) || exit 1 ; \
          done; fi
This assumes that the just-installed mono binary is in a runnable
state.  However, when $(DESTDIR) is set, for instance, this is not
true.  We'll need to revert this to running the in-tree mono runtime
with libtool.

Eno, now that you define GAC_DIR with 'cygpath', do you still need to
run the installed mono?

- Hari

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