[Mono-devel-list] NUnit tests for System.Web namespace

Andrew Arnott AndrewArnott at byu.edu
Sun Jun 27 12:05:31 EDT 2004

Is there a directory somewhere in CVS that contains a comprehensive set
of NUnit tests for System.Web or its subsidiaries?  I would like to add
a few tests for the bugs I have found and patched recently, but all I
can find is a directory with five testX.aspx pages.  


I am very familiar with writing NUnit tests in Windows.  I'm struggling
to compile NUnit and NAnt under Linux using Mono.  I have Mono compiled
from CVS, of course.  I notice that a lot of nunit assemblies are
included in Mono.  No nunit-console.exe though?  At least, the one that
I found in my /usr/local/bin cannot find some assemblies that it needs,
so I am guessing I have to go out and build it myself.


Do we need a bunch of NUnit tests written for System.Web?  If so, I'd be
happy to do that.  I just could use a briefing on any specifics I need
to know on hooking the tests up to the Mono set of regression tests.
I'm still relatively new to the Linux community, but Mono is making it
much easier!  


Thanks in advance,


Andrew Arnott

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