[Mono-devel-list] Building Mono under Cygwin on WinXP

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Sun Jun 27 11:17:07 EDT 2004


> Also mono-build-w32.sh won't work since it now requires gacutil to be
> installed (AFAIK; That thus require builtin mcs package under the
> parallel directory). Raja made the makefile runnable "make bootstrap"
> under windows, so the fix should be not so hard. Tonight I'll try to
> fix that script (I cannot use my working XP box since MS csc is too
> broken to run the script successfully).

First, this mail ends with questions.

Actually make bootstrap did not work anymore - so I had to try to
workaround. I fixed some of the problem. Actually, most of the problem 
were not in mono-build-w32.sh. To build mono installation from cvs,
we need mcs class libraries that would be built from cvs.

I fixed two kind of problem (the patch attached),

	- INTERNAL_RESGEN fails when we don't have runnable mono as yet
	- make install in runtime will fail when we don't build gmcs

but I got another problem that I could not build Novell.Directory.Ldap
in my box (that is, fresh w2k installation and doing fresh mcs build)
saying that

CS0013: Unexpected error writing metadata to file
-- '(localized == Japanese message saying that it could not identify the
cause of the problem)'

Even after I skipped those assemblies in some Makefiles (those skipping
are not contained in these patches), "make install" part in mono/runtime
failed without any error description (it just failed). So finally I
could not fix the problem completely, but most of the
things would be now in "install" directory.

autobuild-script.diff is patch for ./mono/web directory.

Then, can anyone on windows build Novell.Directory.Ldap in your box
with csc? I usually build class libs with mcs and there was no problem.

And are those changes OK to commit? I guess the attached ones would
be harmless.

Atsushi Eno
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