[Mono-devel-list] Building Mono under Cygwin on WinXP

Arterial: Bob Moore Bob.Moore at arterialsoftware.com
Fri Jun 25 02:19:40 EDT 2004

Has anyone tried this and had any success? I've found it to be quite a
trial so far.

Now, I don't claim to be any kind of Cygwin/Linux guru, but I've been
able to get alternate approaches to the point where they are not
complaining about missing packges or "can't find file/command", etc.
However they fail in other ways which are not at all clear to me.

The doco resources I've been referring to so far have been: the
Compiling link on the home Mono page, an install.txt in one of the mono
dirs - which noted that the unified build process was "fairly untested"
under Win, and an "Installing mono, mcs, and gtk-sharp from CVS on
Windows" post which I think originated within this list.

What I'm after is a pointer to any definitive doco about building Mono
under WinXP that I may have missed and also some indication of whether
others have attempted this with any degree of success. 

I'll elaborate the process(es) I've gone through in summary:

Installed MS.Net 1.1 (actually already had this running with VisStudio
.Net 2003). Installed Cygwin along w/ as many packages as I could find
referred to in doco for building Mono plus referred to in messages from
the build process (such as "bison not installed"). So things like
libtools, GNU build utilities, gcc, pkg-config, bison, etc., etc., have
been installed. I've been through the installing Cygwin process a number
of times, slowly building up the list of required packages and things
are at the point where I'm not getting any messages about missing

When I try building mono using the mono-build-w32.sh script it downloads
the latest source from the mono CVS site and goes on to install a stack
of packages again: pkg-config, glib2, libiconv, etc. Basically the stuff
that was referred to in the resources section of the Compiling Mono
page, I think. The compilation then proceeds to issue warnings (more
than I could keep track of) and when the process ends I have an install
dir but no mono or mcs executable. I'm thinking at this point I should
only use source code as found in the Beta2 release, not the latest stuff
in case it's buggy.

I then revert to the Beta2 source for the mono and mcs dirs and try a
re-build. Result was a build process error ("config.status: creating",
".infig.status: error: cannot find input file:"). This doesn't occur
when I re-instate the latest CVS source. So I think at this point I've
broken my environment.

So deleting the mcs, mono and install dirs I try building Mono from a
Beta3 tarball and, after inflating all the source, it ceases operating
during "./configure --prefix=/usr/local" at the line "checking
semaphor.h usability", but without any further error. It's proceeded
quite a way through the configure process at this point. This was after
I duplicated the glib2 files (glib-2.04-20020703.zip and
glib-dev-2.0.4-20020703.zip contents) from usr/local up to the root
level because the previous attempt had complained it couldn't find

Bob Moore

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