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Hayes, Dennis Dennis.Hayes at raytek.com
Thu Jun 24 17:56:30 EDT 2004

What one should expect is that version 1.0 code will compile on a version
2.0 or 3.0 compiler.
There is no reason to expect version 2.0 code to compile on a version 1
One would hope that version 1 libraries would be compatible with version 2

Your teacher is probably right about what can be called a C# compiler, but
there are at least 2 released versions of the ECMA standards; The original,
and a modified one released to match changes made by the ISO committee. (The
ISO committee took the ECMA spec and fast tracked it to an ISO standard,
making a few changes that were ratified by ECMA, which released a 1.1
version of the spec.) ECMA will at some point release a version 2.0
standard, Microsoft Whidbey, Mono, and Portable.NET are all working to the
preliminary 2.0 spec, which hopefully will not change much before it is
released. This will be the third ECMA C# standard.


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Duncan Mak wrote:

> By default, we enable 2.0 features in mcs (those that are implemented).

Well, I'm not into your design process, but up to now I can't come to 
like this. As stupid C# programming user I somehow expect code that 
compiles at one compiler to compile with every C# compiler, that is 
because my teacher told me C# compilers only can call itself so if they 
compile *exactly* the language that was specified in the ECMA.

While using mcs I would be way happier knowing that I now am programming 
C# version x.y and that any other compiler that compiles C# version x.y 
will compile my program. (isn't that the idea of standardisation?)
The way I see it now is dialects coming up.

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