[Mono-devel-list] Visual Studio Addin

Kamil Skalski nazgul at nemerle.org
Wed Jun 23 10:02:29 EDT 2004

Saturday 19 June 2004 23:45, Francisco T. Martinez wrote:
> Hello you all:
> I decided to also create a native .NET Framework 1.1 version of
> prj2make-sharp.  As with the 100% Mono version, there will be to
> executable assemblies, a console exe and a GUI exe.  Today
> prj2make-sharp code base is also the bases for prj2make-sharp-lib the
> addin that permits importing VS .NET solutions in the MonoDevelop IDE.

I have just a quick question - are you using VSIP package?

Kamil Skalski

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