[Mono-devel-list] thesis subject

Marcin Grzeskowiak fnord at tlen.pl
Wed Jun 16 14:35:12 EDT 2004

I'm a CS student from Poland (Wroclaw University) looking for MSc thesis 
subject. I'm thinking
about taking on one of the tasks and would appreciate some suggestion on 
- generational garbage collector
- common subexpression elimination
- optimizations for AOT compiler output
I am new to Mono and have little experience with .Net (more with C/C++ 
on Linux, Java and Ocaml)
so I wonder if it may alter considerably time estimates from Todo list 
(where they calculated with some
mono/.net experience assumed?). I would like to finish my thesis by the 
end of 2004 (so GC may
be risky estimated to take 6-8 months).
Also - Is any of these tasks considered more important for Mono ?
As to GC - I found this in Mono Handbook (Chapter 4) - "We will be using 
the Intel ORP GC
engine as it provides a precise garbage collector engine, similar to 
what is available on the .Net
environment". Should this be treated as a suggestion or is/were somebody 
working on it?

Marcin Grzeskowiak
fnord at tlen.pl

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