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Fri Jun 11 12:14:56 EDT 2004


We are doing changes in the NameSpace Microsoft.VisualBasic, the modified
classes are:

1.- Microsoft.VisualBasic.Information.cs. Here we changed UBound method,
because there is a bug about rank of an array. For example, we declare
array[10,20,30] and then execute:
    a.- Microsoft.VisualBasic.Information.UBound(array,0) throws an exception
    b.- Microsoft.VisualBasic.Information.UBound(array,1) shows 19
    c.- Microsoft.VisualBasic.Information.UBound(array,2)shows 29
    d.- Microsoft.VisualBasic.Information.UBound(array,3) throws an
exception about out of range.
    So, we could never ask for the first rank and we don't know which is
the last one.

2.- Microsoft.VisualBasic.ErrObject.cs, includes a new method
CaptureException, which is used in ProjectData class in SetProjectError

3.- Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.ProjectData.cs. SetProjectError
method was implemented.

4.- Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.ObjectType.cs.
getObjTstDateTime throws an exception when it's called with DateTime
("This cast is not implemented"), because Mono tries to cast DateTime to
Int. For this reason we modified this method with DateTime.Compare.

These methods were proved and it works. Anyway, if you need more
information or we are doing something wrong, please tell us!

we need that these modifications be in Mono 1.0 for our project, if it's
possible, of course. If it's not, please inform us!

Thanks in advance.
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