[Mono-devel-list] Re: [PATCH] Various DateTime fixes and tests

Steven Brown swbrown at ucsd.edu
Thu Jun 10 20:42:51 EDT 2004

Atsushi Eno wrote:

>> Could you commit the regression tests patch in that mail as well?  
>> They cover a lot of the fixed cases.
> Oops sorry again. I missed that. Well, now I added them in my box
> but MS.NET resulted in different, with some corrections. You need
> to adjust UTC/non-UTC in some cases.

Ah, I thought ticks were implicitly UTC.  Need to fix that in my own 
code, now. :)

>> One problem is the NoColonTimeZone test (for timezones like "-0700" 
>> rather than "-07:00") is failing.  It works with my patch on beta2, 
>> and the patch as committed looked ok (skimmed it at least), so there 
>> must be something that's changed recently around that code breaking 
>> it, now. Will look into it later this week if I can.
> It didn't complain in my box. Maybe because of missing some format 
> patterns? I fixed some for them. Can you check it later?
> Instead, ParseNotExact fails. Its bacause I've added limitation
> to non-Letter characters. It was required by some reason, but could
> not remember right now ;) Will check later.

Current CVS looks good; everything new now passes but that 
ParseNotExact, and it wasn't passing before, anyway.  Thanks!

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