[Mono-devel-list] Network-socket instead of file-socket

Johan Ekblad jka at eminds.se
Thu Jun 10 17:26:18 EDT 2004


I have separated mod_mono and mod-mono-server.exe, so that they can run on
different machines. For example if you have a stripped frontend only running
Apache with mod_mono and a backend machine with the full mono installation.

mod_mono (changes made in src/mod_mono.c from mod_mono-0.10 source package)

Instead of writing to a file-socket, mod_mono have a few extra parameters:
allowing it to send the request to a file-socket instead.

(If MonoSocketHost isn't set the usual file-socket is used)


The two parameter --address and --port is avaliable also for
mod-mono-server.exe, so that it listen to a network-socket
(instead of a file-socket)

I'm using xsp-0.14 source package and have made changes in:

I would be grateful if this is included in the source is some future release.
(So that we:re not stuck using Mono 1.0 beta at our place);

I should say this is only tested at the demo-application so far, but we are
going to test it more at our production-site)

Tell me if you need anything more (for example merging into different
source-versions, etc).

  //regards: Johan Ekblad <jka at eminds.se>

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