[Mono-devel-list] macosx beta2 binary

grompf grompf at sublimeintervention.com
Wed Jun 9 21:04:58 EDT 2004

The crux of the issue here is a combined darwinport / binary 
installation vs. a "real" binary installation.  The binary installer 
for OSX b2 asusmes (imo rightly) that a developer may not have darwin 
or fink.  It is _not_ a safe assumption in the osx world to assume 
people have these.  As a result the b2 package was packaged with ALL 
dependancies for B2 in /Library/Frameworks as a framework (take a look 
at how java is packaged on OSX for a reference as to how we've done 
it).  Additionally; all executables are symlinked into /usr/bin.  It is 
a goal of the "osx mono enthusiast" team to package gtk# and other mono 
pkgs in the future.

Personally from a strict OSX stance; /opt is _wrong_.  Fink and 
DarwinPorts (if users wish to use those) can use /sw and /opt all day 
long.  Users of those should use the fink/dp installer of B2; rather 
than the binary package.  Thats what fink and dp are for.  The binary 
package should be a standalone installer that installs in the most 
osxish-way possible.


On 9-Jun-04, at 7:49 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello,
>> ::: well after installing mono beta 2 binary on my macosx i've just
>> realized that it totally has f***d up the structure (paths etc) that 
>> it
>> had in beta1 binary - the darwinports like binary way, because of this
>> it seems that i have to recompile everything because of
>> cross-references... any ideas maybe to avoid this - or a way to simply
>> remove whole beta2? :(
> Jordan has contributed a new installation image that uses /opt instead
> of /Library/Framework (which is what we used in Beta1).
> Can you install this one?
>> just cannot understand why did you have to change all this....
> We depended on external developers to do the packages, and the packages
> I got on the second iteration came from someone with a different
> opinion on paths.
> I was not aware of this issue, this is a source of extensive debate as
> you can imagine among the MacOS developers.
> Personally, am fine with /opt.
> Miguel
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