[Mono-devel-list] macosx beta2 binary

wiking wiking at huwico.hu
Wed Jun 9 19:35:56 EDT 2004

hmm well i was playing with a bit, now i can run gtk# samples, but as 
you can see from the "howto" there's a lot to change/fix


any comments/ideas? (fe.: which .dylibs should be removed from 


On Jun 10, 2004, at 1:07 AM, Urs Muff wrote:

> Well a binary distribution has nothing to a fink or darwinport one, 
> and is
> intended for someone who has no prior installation.  I will definitely 
> not
> uninstall anything you already have installed.
> All the libraries and dependencies are local to the Mono framework, 
> there
> are just some symbolic links in /usr/bin that point to the framework.
> You can remove it by removing /Library/Framework/Mono.framework and 
> all the
> symbolic links in /usr/bin that point in there.
> Darwinport and fink distributions are more intended for developers or 
> people
> that know what they are doing.
> - Urs
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> hi
> ::: well after installing mono beta 2 binary on my macosx i've just
> realized that it totally has f***d up the structure (paths etc) that it
> had in beta1 binary - the darwinports like binary way, because of this
> it seems that i have to recompile everything because of
> cross-references... any ideas maybe to avoid this - or a way to simply
> remove whole beta2? :(
> just cannot understand why did you have to change all this....
> regards
> wiking
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