[Mono-devel-list] Patch for culture-info-tables.h

Jackson Harper jackson at ximian.com
Mon Jun 7 16:10:49 EDT 2004

Hi Bernie,

	Yeah this file is autogenerated. And it should be pretty easy to fix
the empty initializers. I've now got this on my todo list (hopefully fix
it by late tonight) unless anyone beats me to it. If you want to try
look at mono/tools/locale-builder


On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 13:09, Bernie Solomon wrote:
> I didn't realize the diff file was quite so big but my posting just got
> held because of size.... I just tried posting a patch to
> culture-info-tables.h with the following information.
> Since the change is simple perhaps the description below is enough
> and if anyone wants to check the real patch I can email it
> directly.
> The latest version of culture-info-tables.h doesn't build with a normal ANSI
> compiler (in my case HP's) because it contains empty initializers. I attach
> a patch for this which is a little difficult to read because of the long
> lines but merely replaces all {} with {0} which is simple enough.
> The thing I wondered is if this happened to be autogenerated somehow because
> if so that would  need fixing as well.
>  OK to commit?
>  Bernie
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