[Mono-devel-list] RE: [Mono-list] how to do proper role based authentication in web apps

donaldi sp don_aldi at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 6 22:55:21 EDT 2004


just want to know, Does anybody try to use <allow
roles="Admin"> (just for example), because I try to
use this tag in my web.config but it's not working in
mono, but working in .NET, any idea for this issue ?

thanks in advance,

>> aldi <<

--- Rainer Burgstaller <rainer.burgstaller at web.de>
> > Check this article: 
> > 
> > Part 1:
> >
> > Part 2:
> Thanks for the response. 
> Actually, part1 is what I came up myself and part2
> is just a slight improvement. Still there is the
> issue that the formsauthenticationmodule will first
> intercept the cookie, set one "dummy" principal and
> then my piece of code overrides that. This is not
> really elegant. I was actually looking for something
> like this membership stuff however, it does not seem
> to be implemented yet. So I guess I will integrate
> the stuff from part2 and stick to it for the moment
> until the new features are implemented in mono. 
> By the way there is a difference in the mono
> implementation and microsofts. When I set the
> HttpContext.CurrentUser (I dont know the syntax by
> heart) the Thread.CurrentPrincipal is not updated in
> mono but in Ms .NET it is. So currently for mono I
> have to set both to the principal I want to use.
> Otherwise the permission stuff wont work.
> thanks for the hints
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