[Mono-devel-list] Embedding Mono - MonoArray

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Sun Jun 6 05:29:26 EDT 2004

On 06/05/04 Friedrich Priewasser wrote:
> Can anyone tell me how to create a MonoArray for simple types like int's  
> (for "complex" datatypes it allready works)?
> I tried to invoke the C# method "public void DoSomething(int[] values)"
> To do this i used the following code, but it didn't work  
> (mono_runtime_invoke caused an error):
> ...
> array=mono_array_new(domain, mono_defaults.int32_class, 2);
> mono_array_set(array,int,0,21);
> mono_array_set(array,int,1,43);
> params[0]=array;
> desc = mono_method_desc_new (":DoSomething(int[])",TRUE);
> method = mono_method_desc_search_in_class (desc, klass);
> mono_runtime_invoke (method,NULL,params,NULL);

You pass NULL as the 'this' pointer and from what you pasted
DoSomething() is not a static method.
More details than "it doesn't work" would also be needed if there are
other issues.


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