[Mono-devel-list] Mono Beta2 has been released.

Sean A Corfield sean at corfield.org
Sat Jun 5 03:10:08 EDT 2004

On Jun 4, 2004, at 11:43 PM, grompf wrote:
> This is not a mono bug, this is a libintl (gettext) bug on OSX.  The 
> problem is libintl.a doesn't build properly on OSX, and as a result 
> gettext builds a stub .la.  If you look in 
> mono-build-mac-fw-release.sh in cvs we have posted the proper 
> "workaround" for this situation.  Long story short, you need to remove 
> the libintl.a reference from the libintl.la in your $PREFIX for 
> gettext.  The following perl command should solve your build issue:
> perl -pi -e "s/old_library='libintl.a'/old_library=''/" 
> $PREFIX/lib/libintl.la
> Where $PREFIX is your gettext $PREFIX.

Er, OK, but... well... if this is a known porting issue, why isn't it 
built into the make process for OSX? Or was it only added post-Beta 2?

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