[Mono-devel-list] g_build_filename returning NULL in mono_init (Embedded Mono in Mozilla)

Boyd Timothy boyd at timothy.ws
Thu Jun 3 18:20:43 EDT 2004

I'm trying to use Embedded Mono from Mozilla.  When I run my extension
in Mozilla, I can't get past the mono_jit_init () call.

I've modified assembly.c on my machine with a bunch of printf's so I
could see what was going on.  Here is the output I get:

mono_assembly_load ("mscorlib") called!
load_in_path ("mscorlib.dll") called
Calling g_build_filename ("/usr/local/lib", "mscorlib.dll", NULL)...
g_build_filename returned NULL!
** CRITICAL **: file assembly.c: line 594 (mono_assembly_open):
assertion `filename != NULL' failed
load_in_path("mscorlib.dll", default_path, status) failed.

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