[Mono-devel-list] Questions regarding Mono.

Manoj Waikar manoj_w at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 30 11:17:41 EDT 2004


I had posted these queries to the GotMono forum, but
these weren't answered, so I am posting these to this

I am a newbie to Linux and Mono. I have these doubts
about Mono and also about any installation on Linux --
1) Initially, I wan unable to install Mono 1.0 but
after reading the comments of one of the members
(using --force --nodeps) option, I was able to install
it. Now, where (in which directory) does the rpm
command actually install mono?
2) Is there some specific folder where installations
done using rpm command go to? (e.g. in Windows, most
of the installations by default, go to C:\Program
Files... folder)
3) The xsp.exe is lying in my /usr/bin directory. So
to run the server, I have to go to that directory and
type mono xsp.exe, which starts the xsp server. But if
I copy this exe to some other directory, and then type
the same command, it still runs. How? I mean, aren't
there any dependencies of the xsp.exe?
Thanks in advance,

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