[Mono-devel-list] Web Socket Code

Dick Porter dick at ximian.com
Fri Jul 30 06:33:38 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 04:07, Tron Chambers wrote:
> I have been seeing this exact issue as well.
> I have very similar code that actually uses lower level libraries than 
> WebClient, as it reads from the socket directly.  After about 12 hours 
> or so of reading and writing to sockets in a constant loop it dies with 
> a some sort of GC out of memory error (it's not neccesarily the same 
> one, but it is usually the RETURNING NIL one in the boehm library) and 
> it appears to be an infinite loop. (processor usage at 100% etc). 
> I have spent a great deal of time trying to understand this bug, but 
> have yet to nail down a smoking gun.  I would guess it is a leak in 
> freeing resources from the native socket code... And just to be clear, I 
> am not failing a sanity check by keeping around strong references to 
> anything; it is definetly a mono-specific problem.

Does http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=60835 look like your
problem?  I've looked at this and been unable to reproduce it, so if you
can attach another test case for me to try I will have another go.

- Dick

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