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Colt Majkrzak majkrzak at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 21:07:14 EDT 2004

This email was originally sent about a month back, but every email account I
have keeps getting the "Mail header looks suspicious" from the list server,
but my gmail account seems to work with the list perfectly.





Hello everyone, I'm having a problem with my code under mono.  It appears to
work perfectly using MS .NET framework 1.1 but under mono it tends to eat 8k
of memory every time the function is ran.



class MyClass {

      private System.Net.WebClient Client;

      private Stream strm;

      private StreamReader sr;

      private string result;


      public void estvars()


            Client = new WebClient();



      public string openurl(string url)


            result = System.String.Empty;


            strm = Client.OpenRead(url);

            sr = new StreamReader(strm);


            result = sr.ReadToEnd();







            result = result.Trim();


            return result;




The program starts by executing estvars() which sets up the webclient along
with many other vars im using.  I've determined it is this function doing
the mem leak problem after a few days of separating code up and testing each
part separately.  Function openurl is ran in an endless loop for the most
part with 5 second delays between cycles, and I've noticed that under mono
the memory usage goes up about 8k and handles increase about 6 per 5 second
cycle.  It appears to do this with Mono 1.0 Win32 or RH9 Linux, but does not
with Win32 MS.NET 1.1 framework.  I'm not sure if I'm missing something very
obvious here or what, but with this eating up 8k per 5 seconds im having to
restart it on my linux boxes about every day before it chews up to much


Thanks everyone in advance.

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