[Mono-devel-list] Web Services Walkthrough

John Bailo jabailo at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 25 15:17:35 EDT 2004


I finally finished installing all the mono 1.0 packages on Suse 9.1


I was hamstrung by a lib from a pre-1.0 install.  Once I deleted that, I could 
install everything else.  ( Note to FAQ writers.  rpm -Uvh *rpm does 'not' 
work ).

So, the cool thing is, monodevelop is running on my machine for the 1st time 
( 0.5 ) and I want to whale on the thing.

I build web services in c# -- normally using VS.NET -- but I want to use mono 
for some new projects.   

So, I can see how to generate a shell file for a web service in monodevelop.  
But what about the full picture.  

Is there an FAQ or walkthrough for creating a web service in monodevelop -- or 
just creating a web service in mono ?   I checked out the docs and theres not 
much there.  The doc on the community web site ( got-mono ) has non working 
hyperlinks for the table of contents entries for web services.

Can I run monodevelop to the point of it running the web service and loading 
up a stub page that lets me test the methods with an input form?

What is the xsp server all about?  I installed the rpm, is there a doc for 
that ?   Can it run the mono webservice ?   How do I install the web service 
under the xsp server ? 

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