[Mono-devel-list] Idea: Bittorrent and Mono.

Dave Mertens dmertens at zyprexia.com
Wed Jul 21 09:42:10 EDT 2004

>  I'm a relatively new subscriber to many of the Mono mailing 
>  lists, and this is one of the first suggestions that I have 
>  become quite interested in.  There have been a few 
>  successful attempts at BT C# ports, such as BT.Net, but the 
>  source is not widely available.
>  I agree that there is amazing potential for this.  After 
>  reading Miguel's posting a few days ago, I spent some time 
>  analyzing the Python source and began a small BitTorrent 
>  "proof of concept" project.
>   At this time it's mostly the utilitarian functionality, and 
>  I'm not sure how far I will be able to take this before 
>  school starts up again.
>  * Is anyone else actively developing, or interested in 
>  developing this functionality?
>  * How would development of something like this take place - 
>  does Novell have some kind of a SourceForge-like area for 
>  Mono-type projects or extension projects, or would this take 
>  place elsewhere for possible future inclusion in Mono, or 
>  would this eventually just move into the Mono CVS?
>  Thanks for your time, great idea... A C# client could really 
>  move BT into some new realms.

How interesting a BitTorrent client may seem. It doesn't belong in the main
mono branch (Same with Mono.Posix en Mono.GetOptions).
These days I see more and more additions which build upon Mono. I've been
programming along time in PHP and there's a extention repository called PEAR
(http://pear.php.net). Extentions in PEAR have the same quality as the
extentions supplied with the main php distributions, except that their nor
required by the runtime.

I think it would be wise to create a PEAR alike repository where classes can
be developed which are not directly needed by the runtime. When a class
become very populaire, maybe than there's an option to distribute the class
with the main Mono (or MCS) distribution.

Just my 2 cents,
Dave Mertens

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