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Dare Obasanjo dareo at microsoft.com
Tue Jul 20 10:00:37 EDT 2004

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> Hello,
>  > "This is by design. We allow XML declaration in XML 
> fragments because  > of the encoding attribute. Otherwise the 
> encoding information would  > have to be transferred outside 
> of the XML and manually set into  > XmlParserContext."
> Hmm, so the use case would be to parse external entity that 
> is however usually done in DTD parser (black box). I wonder 
> if there is other use cases that need this design. But it 
> sounds rational, so I think I'll fix this problem.
> BTW MSDN documentation should be then fixed since it explains 
> that if XmlNodeType is Element then the contents must be:
> "Any valid element content (for example, any combination of 
> elements, comments, processing instructions, CDATA sections, 
> text, and entity references)."

I'll filed a spec bug about this issue and noted that it should be fixed
in documentation as well. 

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