[Mono-devel-list] [Patch] Missing quotes in DigestClient.cs

Sebastien Pouliot spouliot at videotron.ca
Fri Jul 23 12:58:22 EDT 2004

Hello Yaacov,

IIRC the quotes aren't used because they messed up older digest server
implementations (or maybe it was the reverse case). Anyway this will
requires further testing before commiting the patch...

Could you please fill a bug report in bugzilla and attach the patch ?
Also add a description on how to replicate the problem with MapPoint.


Sebastien Pouliot

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It seems quotes are missing in System.Net/DigestClient.cs (the patch is
attached) ; this causes Digest authentication to fail (at least when
using MapPoint server).

FYI, This fix is from Konstantin Triger <kostat at mainsoft.com>

Can you please commit ?


Yaacov Akiba Slama

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