[Mono-devel-list] Idea: Bittorrent and Mono.

Jeff Wilcox jeffwilcox at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 11:28:27 EDT 2004

I looked into starting a small SF or Novell Forge project for the
Torrent work, but in the process of looking for a name, I found
several existing ones: Torrent#, BT.NET, etc.; the source for some
reason never seems very accessible, I'm looking into this, no reason
recreating other's work.

I think a larger question, brought up by Marcos, is the purpose of
creating C# clients for protocols.  Any such clients should be built
from 100% C# libraries, enabling Mono and/or MS-.NET use.  But it
would really be a Mono undertaking, as the clients would be most
useful if others saw at the same time the development of GTK# clients
for these network protocol clients.

A large community could easily undertake many ports, but it would take
some motivation.  Some might ask, 'why not port Gaim?'  Having a C# IM
client (and IM libraries for other apps to use) would bolster the GTK#
and Mono platform as a viable solution for anyone, especially if
distros began shipping this "Gaim#", along with a C# Torrent client,
C# FTP client, etc.  But at the same time, Gaim works fine as it is,
as does btdownloadgui.py.  Why spend effort fixing and implementing
these solutions?

A lot probably depends on the future of the Gnome desktop, and the
SUSE-Ximian-Novell future for Linux.  I've heard ramblings about a
strong embrace for a C# Linux desktop environment; imagine if most of
the applications non-developers saw on a daily basis in Gnome were in
fact GTK#/Mono C# apps.

Perhaps the developer's list is not the place for this conversation,
and I apologize if this is the case [one of the topics for this list
is "discussions about future directions"], but this is probably one
place full of strong opinions on the true goals of Mono beyond just
this amazing .NET implementation.  Do people share a common interest
in using Mono to create the next generation of Linux applications?

Thanks for your time and thoughts - if this is the wrong place, please
let me know where to move the discussion to.

Jeff Wilcox

On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 10:51:28 -0300, Marcos Carneiro da Rocha
<mcrocha at terra.com.br> wrote:
> - to implement it we will have to implement many network components, so
> why don't we implement separate network components that extends .net
> framework ???
> with this we can implement extensions easily like: snmp, ssh, ftp,
> telnet, etc. or implement some applications that use these extensions
> like: emule client, email clients (pop, imap, smtp, etc), nntp client,
> nfs client, smb client, ntp client or any kind of application server
> that uses network.

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